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Howdy and welcome to this newest community for musclebears and their fans.

Membership: We're a friendly bunch here- so we like keeping the rules very simple: you do not have to be a musclebear to join or participate, so don't hesitate in joining. We even have female viewers here :) And please be nice to each other. That's it. Hopefully new friendships and pen-pal relationships can develop out of this forum. I'm proud to say that at one relationship started as a result of two guys meeting through this forum. I hate censorship and rarely delete posts. I believe these are contributing factors to the success to this community. And thanks to all the members here in making this a great place to post!

Copyright issues: Please try not to post any obvious material that's from Colt Studio. That includes altering or removing their logo from their images. I know it's hard sometimes to know the source of images; but we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Photobucket: Some use Photobucket as their hosting service for images. There is a bandwidth limit on such hosting services and if your post loses it's link to those servers (meaning we only see a bunch of "red Xs" instead of the picture you posted), that post will be deleted.

About LJ-CUT tags: If you have an issue with viewing male frontal nudity while at work, be warned: we do not require LJ cut tags here. Why? The idea is to have a montage of images and a wash of hot hairy muscular bodies on the web page. Not a slew of links requiring clicking. If you do like to use LJ cut tags, that's fine too. But we are not despots about any requirements.

So Welcome! And please feel free to e-mail telemann any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

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